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CNC Machinists

We have a priority focus on creating custom parts that not only meet quality standards, but exceed those expectations of our customers.

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CNC Machinist

Operating under general supervision of our Machine Shop Foreman, CNC Machinists duties include but are not limited to packaging, assembly, material handling, record keeping, warehousing, and other general labor required to operate the facility.

CNC Machinists are required to operate production equipment by loading, unloading, engaging and disengaging switches, levers, etc. to engage automatic, semi-automatic, manual and CNC machining cycles. They perform hand operations, visually and with precision instruments inspects products, and adjusts production processes to meet quality requirements.

Machnists must be able to interpret blue prints in order to determine if product meets all specifications and to set up any CNC equipment and secondary equipment required in production of Company’s products. They sharpen necessary tooling, index inserts and other tooling requirements, and assemble necessary jigs, fixtures and tooling to set up equipment to perform required procedures and to hold required production rates and tolerances.

What makes a successful applicant?

Successful candidates are required to set up any CNC equipment and related secondary equipment used in the production of Company products including but not limited to lathes, CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, drill presses, stampers, etchers, inspection equipment, etc. They must have a knowledge of equipment, material, hand tools, precision hand tools, machine operation, blue print reading, inspection equipment and procedures; and, to be able to set up required tooling to complete sequences as routed. They should be able to reason through problems involving set up and operation of CNC equipment and related secondary equipment; have the manual dexterity to load and unload parts and set required tooling, and lift in excess of 50 lbs.

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